Wanna Spread Cheer? Your Guide To Making A Difference In Nashville

Wannado Nashville

Wanna Spread Cheer?

Yeah, we know you know…it’s the most wonderful time of the year. We all fall into different categories on the Christmas enthusiasm spectrum. On a scale of 1 (Scrooge/any picture ever taken of Sean Penn) to 10 (Buddy the Elf/the crowd at Oprah’s Big Giveaway), we respect wherever you’re at right now. However, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, December is a time that people tend to focus on spreading cheer, peace, and good will to men. Brightening the day of someone else almost always brightens our day as well (and Lord knows Nashville could use some brightness, because it gets pitch black at 4:30 these days). With that in mind, we wanted to help all of Nashville spread some cheer this December (follow us on Twitter for daily cheerful challenges). Here we go, y’all: the best Nashville ways to:

Serve A Meal & Change Your Perspective:

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