A little more about me…

Want to know a bit of my story?

Wonderful! Hope you enjoy the read… (From @nashbynicole Instagram)

A mutual friend @adriensaporiti of @dcxvindustries introduced me to @djdanbuckley at a @native_nashville party in the Summer of 2012. Early in our friendship Dan’s boss heard my voice on a voicemail message and suggested I come in to the studio to read/voice some commercials. So I did… At the same time Dan was juggling many roles and was having a hard time continually booking the public service show. I volunteered to help book it as I had many friends in the non-profit community & was an active volunteer. After I booked the first two guests @help_portrait / @kylechowning & @rideforreading /@mattportell Dan suggested I host the show.

At first, I said no. Then I slept on it and thought…why not! Several years earlier I had been encouraged to make a site for all the people, places and things I love about Nashville as a resource for others. So I reserved nashvillebynicole.com, then Dan said, “Why don’t you call the show, Nashville by Nicole” 🙂

Three years later, 100+ interviews, and I’m still a volunteer at Nashville’s Independent Radio Station @lightning100 ….. In the Spring of 2013 I married Lt. Dan & since Mr.@ibelieveinnashville aka/Adrien made our introduction, he gifted us the design of our #buckleybrunch invites.

#webelieveinlove #illnevereforgetyouAdrien #AdrientheMatchmaker #themoreyouknow #psa


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