Hello Friends!

Hi! My name is Nicole and I love Nashville. I have called this city home since May 1999… However, I had a two year hiatus in the gorgeous city of Budapest. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures, but meeting people and helping others achieve their goals is what energizes me. Being the go-to-person for what to do and where to eat among my friends stemmed from exploring the city and taking advantage of the many opportunities there are to volunteer. I decided in 2011 to make a site to share my Nashville favorites and purchased the domain NashvillebyNicole. In December of 2012 I was given the opportunity to host WRLT Lightning 100’s public service show.  It is my hope to introduce Lightning 100 listeners to non-profits & local organizations that are doing great things in their community & challenge them to volunteer & get engaged to see lives changed, including their own. The heartbeat of Music City is the people …and Nashville is… the Heart of the Volunteer State! Explore your City and Get Involved! Feel Free to email me NashvillebyNicole@gmail.com for more information and interview inquiries.

Nashville by Nicole • Saturday Mornings at 7am • on Lightning 100 • WRLT 100.1FM

Nashville by Nicole


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