Tomorrow Catch her at Grimey’s at 3 and on the 12th at Belcourt

no country for new nashville

Holly Williams, (yes, of that Williams family) first caught my ears while I was still in college and her song “Sometimes” (from her debut studio effort, The Ones We Never Knew) was in pretty heavy rotation on L100. “Sometimes” stuck out to me for being simultaneously sweet and sorta’ brave as Holly both wishes she were a little girl and ponders what powers for healing she might have if she were Jesus.

Something about her struck me as an Americana-kind-of-Tori Amos, working in similar themes and with a similar, somewhat shocking candor for her respective genre. She found a spot on my lovelorn mix CDs of the mid 00’s with the likes of Patty Griffin, Tift Merritt, and Beth Orton and I didn’t think too much more about her — aside for when “Sometimes” would show up in a shuffle of Itunes prompting…

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