favorites : clothing & accessories


favorites : clothing & accessories
June 19, 2012

Dress yourself and everyone you know with original pieces from my talented friends!

DCXV Clothing

My friend Adrien was inspired a year ago during our local radio station lightning 100’s 615 day… On June 15 they play artists who call Nashville’s area code home. Being a native he decided to brand his company with the roman numerals that correspond. His eye for the iconic Nashville landmarks allowed him to photograph and then screen print the images on shirts in his garage…
Now his “I believe in Nashville” design is becoming a battle cry for the independent small business entrepreneurs all around the city.

j and h p

My friends Jonathan and Holly Powell moved to Nashville from the city I was born and raised in, Ontario, California… not Canada… So instantly I related with their genuine personalities. The creative duo opened a shop on the east side where Old Made Good first resided in the Porter Crossing Building. Every thing they do is in small or one-off batches and their flower lapels make a perfect gift for the man who has everything.


717 Porter Road; Nashville, TN 37206

Custom caps, bowties and neckties made by this happy guy Otis James

Beautiful leather clutches stitched with love by this free spirit Annie Williams


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