Frist Center for the Visual Arts

Listen to my interview with Autumn Parrott the Director of Development & Ellen Pryor the Director of Communications and resident curator for the current Sensuous Steel:Art Deco Automobiles exhibit at The Frist Center for the Visual Arts.

Don’t take this Nashville gem for granted it’s family friendly and there is always something new. Becoming a member has wonderful benefits and supports the arts in our city. Find out about all of the great events and exhibits at

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Tennessee State Museum

This free museum is for the people and is full of Tennessee History and currently hosting some treasures from the National Archive.

“The Discovering the Civil War exhibit, which will continue well beyond the Emancipation Proclamation’s viewing, is the culmination of 150 years of analysis, interpretation, and opinion on the Civil War through lesser-known stories and perspectives. Many items on display never have been publicly exhibited. Highlights include the original copy of the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery along with South Carolina’s 1860 declaration of secession.”

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