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During the spring and summer, Nashville is blooming with community service opportunities. The enthusiasm and pride that our city takes in improving one anotherโ€™s quality of life is without a doubt one of the reasons we became the โ€œIt City.โ€ The big question is, how do you choose which service projects to commit your time to? Team Green Adventures is no stranger to the world of Nashville non-profits. We work closely with nearly every non-profit that puts an emphasis on improving our environment, feeding the hungry, and building lifetime skills for both volunteers and beneficiaries. This weekโ€™s blog spotlights some of our favorite non-profits and community projects weโ€™ll team up on throughout the year!


Building: Habitat for Humanity
We work with both the Williamson-Maury County and Davidson County Habitat for Humanity programs. All Habitat for Humanity homes are built using LEED-certified practices. Families who receive theseโ€ฆ

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