Martha O’Brayn Center Interview

The ‘Martha O’Bryan Center (MOBC) was founded in 1894 and began operating at its current site in Cayce Place of East Nashville in 1948. Their values and physical location at the heart of the community they serve allow them to be uniquely responsive to clients. MOBC programs join family, community, and schools to support better education and employment opportunities for our city’s most vulnerable families.

They serve over 6,000 individuals each year (40% are 18 years and younger) through a continuum of cradle to college to career services. These people are proving that the line between poverty and potential can be broken.’ Learn more about this great non-profit here :

Join them on Tuesday February 11th for their open house

Produced by Guy Fell & Dan Buckley for Lightning 100

Nashville by Nicole airs on WRLT 100.1FM Lightning 100 Saturday Mornings at 7am


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