Veterans Recovery Center Council Interview

Did you know 22 Veterans commit suicide each day?
The Veterans Recovery Center is a therapeutic and educational community serving Veterans who are living with mental illness and moderate to severe (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We support Veterans in defining and pursuing their individual goals and visions for their future based on their personal strengths and self-chosen values & interests.

They provide opportunities for Veterans so that they may actively engage in the community as they achieve their personally defined recovery outcomes.  They will work with each Veteran to instill hope, teach life skills, validate strengths, and build our community as we assist Veterans on their personal journeys to reclaim their opportunity of maintaining a better Quality of Life.

Produced by Guy Fell & Dan Buckley for Lightning 100

Nashville by Nicole airs on WRLT 100.1FM Lightning 100 Saturday Mornings at 7am


One comment

  1. William C. Trawick Jr. (Charlie) · November 28, 2014

    Thanks so much Nicole and Team for airing Jake an myself for the need to assist our Veterans here in this great State of TN. Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone there at Lightning 100.1.

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