‘future’ favorites : new restaurants

It’s been a busy Summer for Nashville’s culinary scene and my Summer of travel prevented me from getting to them all. Here is my personal bucket list for experiencing some of the newest restaurants, anyone want to join me? 🙂


1520 Woodland Street; Nashville, TN 37206
For reservations, please call 615.228.4864

1121 5th Ave N.; Nashville, TN 37208
For Reservations use OpenTable or call 615.750.2912

701 Porter Road; Nashville, Tennessee 37206
Please call for Reservations 615.873.4978

150 3rd Avenue South; Nashville, TN 37201
For reservations call 615.724.1762

303 Demonbreun Street; Nashville, TN 37201
For reservations use OpenTable or call 615.522.0685


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